Youth News May 18, 2022

Good day from 412 Youth!!

The youth will be selling t-shirts to raise funds for Ukraine. This was a great idea from David & Barbara Dick. These will be white t-shirts that have been tie-dyed the colors of the Ukraine flag.. royal blue & yellow-gold. If you would like one, you can call or visit the office to give Cheryl your size and donation. We would suggest a minimum donation of $20 per shirt. All funds will go to Ukraine!!

We have had a pretty steady crowd at youth group every week. We are still journeying through the RealLife series and this past week, we had our first summer outing to Dairy Queen. I am excited to spend more time with the kids this summer and make memories together!!

We will be having an end of the semester meeting for God’s Gang this Wednesday (today) at 4:30pm. Any volunteers are welcome and invited to join! We are constantly looking for ways to make this program better and we invite you to be a part of that process!!

One last item is that I haven’t had anyone approach or contact me about sharing their testimony/story for the youth this fall.. this is something I feel extremely passionate about and I would love anyone’s help or involvement in this! Please prayerfully consider this opportunity.


Faith Milam
Youth Director

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