God’s Gang 2023-2024

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What is God’s Gang?

God’s Gang is a Wednesday after-school program for children ages K-5th grade that will be held at First Christian Church.

Why do we need such a “Gang”?

We believe that children are vital to the growth of the church and the church is vital to the growth of each child. We want to make every effort to give children the opportunity to get to know God and his plan for their lives. Our efforts become the seeds that will grow in them throughout their lives.

Why call it a “Gang”?

A gang is a group that grows because it offers acceptance, protection, assistance and makes you feel like you are part of something greater than yourself…can you imagine a better one to be part of than “God’s Gang”?

What is the goal for God’s Gang?

To teach children to believe in Christ, behave as Christ, and become like Christ. Learning what to believe, how to behave and then becoming like Christ requires teaching children from very young age about Christ. We want them to understand about His love and desire to be with them now and always.

What will we do with THE GANG?

Starting after school we have a snack and some homework/chill time then go to the sanctuary for opening and awesome music. We then rotate between crafts and worship and sometimes games! Then we will have an amazing dinner where we will practice using manners, taking turns, and having a fun and meaningful experience at a dinner table. At 6:00 we go home and share our experiences with our family! Trust us! It will be worth talking about!

How can I become part of God’s Gang?

It’s easy. Fill out the registration form by clicking on the link at the top of this page and pay the $30 registration fee. Then show up on Wednesdays and be part of THE Gang

The fine print:

In order for us to have the most successful program possible we need to have your commitment for attendance. We work hard for and plan meals for each person, so each person counts.

We also ask you to commit to bring your child to FCC the few Sundays that “God’s Gang” performs. We can’t show how awesome we are if you aren’t there!