From the Desk of Pastor John

The “Not a Fan” movie night was a fantastic evening; a whole lot of people showed up including most of the youth! It’s safe to say that almost everyone was deeply moved by the movie. If you missed it, I recommend signing up for Pastor Jamie’s small group. It is based off the movie and it goes even deeper into the message of following Jesus.

On that note, the movie marks the beginning of all small groups. We have removed the sign-up sheets from the front desk as a courtesy to the leaders, so that they’ll have an accurate number of attendees the first week. If, however, you didn’t sign up and would like to, talk to either Pastor John or Pastor Jamie and we can still hook you up.

Youth Group / Crossroads / God’s Gang

Youth Group is on! Every Sunday from 6-8; be there! Right now we are going over 1 Timothy 4:12 and talking about how to be a godly example for others.

The wait is over, the day of reckoning is here, the time is now: God’s Gang and Crossroads is HERE! We are starting this Wednesday,  September 16, and going until through December 9. If you want to sign a child, we need you to fill out the registration papers, they are out and ready in front of the church office and online at God’s Gang and Crossroads!

If you are interested in helping and serving, we still have open positions (cooks and guides) and we would love to have your service. If service is not something that you feel you are able to donate, we are in need of resources! Right now, what we need most is 8-ounce water bottles. If you would like to donate, bring cases to John’s office and let me know who they’re from so that I can thank you properly!

Upcoming Events

VBS is going on as we speak. Don’t forget, this year we are doing a drive-thru VBS. This means that we are handing out everything the kids need and they will take it home and do it with the family! They get snacks, crafts, and lessons. September 12th has passed, so the 19th and 26th are the rest of the dates. We’ll be in the parking lot north of the church from 10-11 on Saturday mornings. See you there!

The annual See You at the Pole for this year has been cancelled; all schools are not allowing visitors on the grounds because of Covid-19. HOWEVER, we are doing a different version of See You at the Pole! It will be September 22 @ 7 pm at the big pavilion at the park. We will have scripture reading and prayer for schools, students, and teachers, and it will be mostly student led. This is for all schools, all ages, and all churches so spread the word!

Thank You’s

Thank you, Jamilee Kent, for reading the scripture on Sunday mornings.

Thank you, Pastor Jamie Kent, for showing us the “Not a Fan” movie, it challenged us all to be more committed to following Christ.

John Snidle, FCC Youth Minister
September 16, 2020

FCC Youth Ministries Facebook Page

About our Youth & Family Ministry

First Christian Church’s Youth & Family Ministry exists to fulfill our church’s mission of growing disciples by reaching out to the community and providing families with programs that foster an atmosphere of positive relationships; while helping to instill in our youth the principles of pledging oneself to biblical teaching, announcing the good news of Jesus Christ to our peers, respecting God in all areas of our lives, joining together to build unity in the body of Christ and yielding ourselves in service to Christ by serving others locally and globally.

Special Youth activities are scheduled from time to time. Please read the current issue of the Messenger or contact us for more information.

Youth Group is comprised of high school and middle school age youth, grades 6-12, and meets every Sunday throughout the school year at 6:00 p.m. Visit our Events or YOUTH! page for more scheduling information.


All high school and junior high youth are invited to weekly youth group meetings on Sundays at 6:00 PM in the Youth Room. (Check out the picture with orange walls, big screen, and black couches!) Meetings are always fun, sometimes serious, occasionally separate; they may be all talk, totally fun, serving others, planning for what’s coming, and once a month out somewhere else – and food is allowed, too!

youth involvement

FCC invites our youth to be involved. For instance, youth serve as Junior Deacons and receive the offering in 10:00 AM worship, and all youth are asked to help with the annual Youth Sunday service in February (Seniors preach)! Other opportunities are available too – from Mission Trips to committee work to Bell-Ringing to . . . and not to mention VBS, the Youth Mid-Winter Retreat, summer Church Camp, the End-of-the-Year Trip, and of course, the CCIW SUMMIT mountaintop weekend!

God’s Gang – crossroads

God’s Gang runs from September through May. All children from kindergarten through the fifth-grade are invited to attend. God’s Gang is FCC’s youth outreach program and children do not need to be a member of the church to participate. Activities include homework help, story reading, crafts, games, an evening meal and a children’s worship. This year we are continuing our junior high program called “Crossroads” that will meet during the same time period.

Sessions start in the fall after the start of school. Registration forms for the Fall semester are available now.  Click on the link to download a registration form. For more information click on the appropriate drop down menu under “YOUTH!”

GOD’S GANG Spring Registration Form for Kindergarten through 5th-grade

CROSSROADS Fall Registration Form for Junior High/Middle School youth