busThe FCC bus is a welcome addition to church life.  It can transport fourteen passengers and is wheelchair accessible.  it is used for transportation to church camps as well as youth events, circle trips, men’s group trips, and by our church band.

For more information, read the FAQ below.

Why a bus, instead of a van?

There are several reasons. We’ve all seen and heard the horror stories of church vans on highways. A bus is much more stable and, therefore, more safe to take out-of-town. In addition, a bus is easier to get in and out of; you can stand up and walk in a bus; there is room overhead and in the back for carry-on items, plus some luggage; and in a bus everyone will have their own seat.

Who gets to use the bus?

Any group in the church – the youth group, certainly, the men, the women, the Golden Age group, the Mission Team, “Focused On Tomorrow” maybe, or a Sunday School class, the Bible Study group, a children’s outing, a committee project. (The possibility of using it for outside events or groups is to be determined in the future.)

Who services the bus?

For the immediate future we will take it to the Ford garage in Marshall since it is under warranty. The Trustees will have a line in the budget for bus expenses.

Is the bus insured?

Yes. This responsibility falls to the Trustees since they are responsible for church property.

Who pays for the gas to run the bus?

Groups who use the bus will be asked to pay for the gas to use it. A procedure has been set-up to determine who will cover the costs.

What kind of mileage does the bus get?

The bus gets about 10 mpg per the manufacturer’s data.

Is the bus inspected?

Yes, the bus is inspected locally every 6 months.

Who will drive it? And what kind of license is required?

The bus is driven by qualified and licenced members. This includes any church person who acquires a passenger endorsement to their license with Trustees approval.

Where is the bus parked?

A commitment was made to keep it indoors. That has been arranged at Jimmy Neal’s shed at the north edge of town.

Who is in charge and responsible for the bus?

The Trustees. However, they have a designated “bus coordinator” to answer questions and help everyone with the process, as well as handling the maintenance and legalities.

Can we use it for Sunday morning pick-up and transportation?

Yes, if needed. We already have volunteers to provide this service. If you, or someone you know, is interested in a pick-up/delivery service, let us know.

Will it be handicap accessible? How many people does it hold total?

Yes, the bus is handicap accessible. We decided that was important and worth the extra costs. Seating capacity — in addition to the driver — is 14 total (consisting of 12 passengers, 2 wheelchairs, or 14 individuals — two using a fold-down seat).

Is there room for luggage?

Yes. Smaller items can go above or below the seats. There is also room at the back depending on the seating used.

Can it pull a trailer?

Yes, we planned this feature early on and installed a trailer hitch, so pulling extra gear/supplies is an option.