From Utter Hopelessness – To Blessed Hope Realized

Christmas Day 2020
by Rev. Dana Zartman

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” ~ Proverbs 13:12

1st Century Palestine: Political wasteland, Spiritual wasteland, no reason to live; no purpose in death.  “GOD, we are Your remnant, where are You?”

21st Century America: Political wasteland, Spiritual wasteland, no reason to live; no purpose in death. “GOD, we are Your remnant, where are You?”

There is a strong connection between the Seasons of Advent (Coming) and Lent (Leaving): Humanity is helpless and hopeless without the GODHEAD. We desperately needed GOD to enter, JESUS to leave, the HOLY SPIRIT to enter and JESUS to re-enter our world and powerfully act. Thus, “fulfilling all righteousness” in His complete fulfillment of every promise.

Someone has said, “Prophecy is history written beforehand.” In other words, the certainty of GOD’s promises is our reality. If He declared it, the annals of history will unfold it. By the fulfillment of each promise and Christ in us, hopelessness moves to hope; but not merely hope, rather Blessed Hope… Blessed Assurance.

1st Century Palestine longed for His First Advent: When Emmanuel arrived, few recognized Him. The believers did everything they could to physically place Him on David’s Throne. Our spiritual King resisted and spent 3 years revealing the Father, unveiling His Kingdom. When He announced His impending death, the believers rebuked Him. His true Kingship was in process, on schedule, as promised. The enemy’s celebration lasted but 3 days. Our endless celebration began that death-conquering Easter morning!

21st Century America longs for His Second Advent: Praising Him with our lips and our service, laboring tirelessly in His vineyard, blood-bought prisoners of Messianic hope, agents of an out-of-this-world ‘better hope’, sheep in the secure fold of The Shepherd, betrothed: the bride of The Lion of Judah being perfected for The Wedding Feast to come, returning to the Tree of Life, eternal fellowship with our Wonder, our Transport!


My Solid Rock, when You come with trumpet sound… I will confidently in You be found… Blessed Hope Realized!