From the Desk of Pastor John

We had our annual Frenzy event over the break! It wasn’t the normal Frenzy of course, but we had a great time at the Twin Lakes Roller Rink all the same!

Youth Group / Crossroads / God’s Gang

Youth Group is every Sunday from 6-8 at the church. This week is the “War Room” movie and next week is Ski Trip, so no youth group for those not in attendance.

God’s Gang and Crossroads are almost back up and running! See, I told you our break would feel short. We will start back up February 10th and our theme this semester is Travel! We will learn about different and exciting places in the Earth (and even not on Earth!) and how our God makes such beautiful places. Sign up your children or grandchildren asap!

Upcoming Events

Our annual Ski Trip is coming up VERY soon! Don’t forget, we are going to a new location this year, Devil’s Head in Merrimac Wisconsin. It seems to be a very fun and exciting new place; I’m looking forward to it!

Youth Sunday is also fast approaching, coming up on February 14th. We have all positions filled and a rehearsal will happen soon. If, however, there are any youth out there that do not have a position and would like one, we will find room. Even if I have to create something for you to do, you can participate! Please pray for all youth involved that they will see the Lord work through them as they practice and prepare, and pray for Chloe Waltz who will be preaching the sermon.

Thank You’s

Thank you, Jamilee Kent, for reading the scripture on Sunday mornings.

John Snidle, FCC Youth Pastor
January 6, 2021

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