FCC Youth!

VBS was the beginning of this month, but I still want to say thank you so much to everyone who volunteered and made it wonderful. The Church exists to serve those who need it, and create opportunities to allow its members to serve; and I think this church does that very well!

Youth Group

Youth Group is every Sunday from 6-8, don’t be late! We are talking about the four degrees of our love for God. I will be gone soon so I hope to see everyone come to youth group for my final days!

God’s Gang and Crossroads will be here before you know it! It starts September 15th, and we will need all hands on deck to make it another great year. We are having a planning meeting this week on Thursday for anyone involved if you would like to show up and hear about the plans for this upcoming semester. If you’re not directly involved, we always appreciate prayer for the program; God’s gracious hand is what keeps this program thriving!

Upcoming Events

Lunch on the lawn, if you can believe it, is in three weeks! Ellen Webb is in charge of it, so if you would like to help serve or donate money or goods, talk to her on Sundays; I’m sure she will take all the help she can get!

See You at the Pole is coming up next month. This is a time for students, Jr High and High School, to get to school a little early and show their faith by praying around the flag pole together. I would also invite all adults to pray wherever you are at 7:30am on the 22nd; let the nation unite in prayer!

Thank Yous

Thank you, Hannah Waltz and Lily Smittkamp, for serving us our coffee during Sunday School.

Thank you, Mary Helen Hamilton and Theresa Emerson, for providing us with delicious treats for Coffee Bar.

John Snidle, FCC Youth Pastor
August 25, 2021

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