Crossroads 2022-23

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What is Crossroads?

Crossroads is a Wednesday after-school program for kids in 6th-8th grade that will be held at First Christian Church.

Why do we need “Crossroads”?

We believe that children are vital to the growth of the church and the church is vital to the growth of each child. We want to make every effort to give children the opportunity to get to know God and his plan for their lives. Our efforts become the seeds that will grow in them throughout their lives. At this stage in their lives, they are going to face different and sometimes difficult choices. We want them to learn that God wants to be with them along their way. We want them to know that WITH God, they can make decisions that will make their lives go in the direction that He intended.

Why call it “Crossroads”?

Junior High is a difficult age for many kids. Peer pressures, activities, physical changes, and responsibilities change. Many of them find themselves at a “Crossroads” in decision making. We want them to know that they have God and FCC to help them make wise choices.

What is the goal for Crossroads?

To teach the kids to believe in Christ, behave as Christ, and become like Christ. Learning what to believe, how to behave and then becoming like Christ is as important during these years as any other. We want them to understand about His love and desire to be with them now and always.

What will they DO at Crossroads?

Starting after school we have a snack and some homework/chill time in the Youth Room. Then they will have activities that will be both entertaining and allow them to express their individuality and talents. This will be followed up with a lesson that challenges their thinking and knowledge of the bible. Then we will have an amazing dinner where we will practice using manners, taking turns, and having a fun and meaningful experience at a dinner table.

How can I become part of Crossroads?

It’s easy. Fill out the registration form by clicking on the link at the top of this page and pay the $25 registration fee. We will even pick you up from school on the FCC bus!

The fine print:

Please let us know if your child becomes involved in an activity that could impact their attendance. We would like to try to help ensure your child can participate as much as possible.

We also may have performances for FCC Sunday church once in a while. Your child’s attendance to this performance would be very important. Thank you!