From the Desk of Pastor John

Upcoming Events

We are planning an end of the year get-together-party-hooplah for any and all youth! It will be June 1st, starting around 6. Those invited to attend include high school, middle school, member of this church or not, all are welcome; so tell your friends! Will be held at the Johnson’s house and if you don’t know where that is, meet at the church and we will head there together; also wienies will be eaten.

We will be having a Youth Auction to help support the youth financially, and to give them an opportunity to learn about the significance of service. Sunday May 27 the youth will be auctioned off to the highest bidder for any job you need help with! It could be baby-sitting, washing the dishes, tending to your garden, helping to paint your house, or even just a good conversation partner. So, come the church next Sunday to get some good workers! we realize the 27th is a long weekend and many of you may be away from home; if so you can contact a friend who will be at church and have them bid for you, or contact Mike or myself and we can bid for you. Don’t be afraid to ask!


The final MICE shebang of the season has been moved to Friday, May 25th at Twin Lakes Park. The Year End Picnic will begin at 12 noon, we will get to enjoy the water park and end up at the DQ where you can pick your kids up at 3pm.

Lunch with John

As you all know, we’ve been doing lunch with John and it’s going really well. I’ve met with several families so far having lunch after Sunday Services, and there are more scheduled; but something I should have stressed sooner is that I’m hungry all the time! So if you’re preoccupied during Sunday lunch, would rather share a meal through the week or for supper instead, that’s just fine with me! The sign-up list is in front of the sanctuary doors at the sign-up desk; I expect to eat with the entire church eventually!


This years Vacation Bible School will be July 30th through August 3rd from 9am to 11:30 everyday except for Friday, which will let out a little later at 12:30. The Directors will be Kim Woods and Deena Hasler. It may be several months away still, but pray for the success of the event and the sanity of all the volunteers, it is desperately needed!

Summer Camp

This is the last call for Camp Walter Scott sign ups. If your child is interested (in the slightest) in attending a week of camp, make sure they are signed up! Again, if you are in need of aid, contact the church and we will find a way to get them their.

Prayer Partners

We need your help! We need people to sign up to be prayer partners for campers this summer. You will pray for your camper during his/her week of camp; we need about 8-10 people to sign up. The volunteer list is on the sign up desk.

Summer Plans

I have lots of ideas and hopes for this summer, different events and outings that I would love to schedule; only problem is, I don’t have everything mapped out yet! So as I work toward these goals, I will keep you all as informed as possible so keep your eyes open and be ready for anything!


– John Snidle, FCC Youth Minister
       May 23, 2018

About our Youth & Family Ministry

First Christian Church’s Youth & Family Ministry exists to fulfill our church’s mission of growing disciples by reaching out to the community and providing families with programs that foster an atmosphere of positive relationships; while helping to instill in our youth the principles of pledging oneself to biblical teaching, announcing the good news of Jesus Christ to our peers, respecting God in all areas of our lives, joining together to build unity in the body of Christ and yielding ourselves in service to Christ by serving others locally and globally.

Special Youth activities are scheduled from time to time. Please read the current issue of the Messenger or contact us for more information.

Youth Group is comprised of high school and middle school age youth, grades 6-12, and meets every Wednesday throughout the school year at 6:30 p.m. Visit our Events page for more scheduling information.


All high school and junior high youth are invited to weekly youth group meetings on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM in the Youth Room. (Check out the picture with orange walls, big screen, and black couches!) Meetings are always fun, sometimes serious, occasionally separate; they may be all talk, totally fun, serving others, planning for what’s coming, and once a month out somewhere else – and food is allowed, too!

youth involvement

FCC invites our youth to be involved. For instance, youth serve as Junior Deacons and receive the offering in 10:00 AM worship, and all youth are asked to help with the annual Youth Sunday service in February (Seniors preach)! Other opportunities are available too – from Mission Trips to committee work to Bell-Ringing to . . . and not to mention VBS, the Youth Mid-Winter Retreat, summer Church Camp, the End-of-the-Year Trip, and of course, the CCIW SUMMIT mountaintop weekend!

God’s Gang

God’s Gang runs from September through May. All children from kindergarten through the fifth-grade are invited to attend. God’s Gang is FCC’s youth outreach program and children do not need to be a member of the church to participate. Activities include homework help, story reading, crafts, games, an evening meal and a children’s worship. This year we are continuing our junior high program called “Crossroads” that will meet during the same time period.

The registration forms for the Fall semester will be available September.

GOD’S GANG Spring Registration Form for Kindergarten through 5th-grade

CROSSROADS Spring Registration Form for Junior High/Middle School youth