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Youth Group is every Sunday from 6-8 in the church basement. We are currently going through each book of the Bible and learning all about them.

God’s Gang and Crossroads are here everyone; they’re here! We are starting next Wednesday, February 10th. Our theme this semester is Travel; we will learn about different and exciting places across the Earth (and off Earth!) and how our God makes such beautiful places. Sign up your children or grandchildren asap! The registration desk is set up in the church foyer.

We also have a new method of communicating for God’s Gang and Crossroads; Facebook! We have created a page on Facebook where we will share all the information you might need to know: updates and changes, reminders, pictures, resources, and so on. Just search for “God’s Gang & Crossroads” and you’ll find it or, just click HERE. Please follow and invite others to follow that you know would benefit!

Upcoming Events

Youth Sunday is coming up soon, on February 14th. We are ready and waiting for next Sunday to be here, but we always need more prayer! Please pray for all youth involved that they will see the Lord work through them as they practice and prepare, and pray for Chloe Waltz who will be preaching the sermon.

Right after Youth Sunday, instead of normal Youth Group, we will be having an anti-Super Bowl party called “The Toilet Bowl Party”! It will be normal Youth Group time, from 6-8, and any youth is invited. It will be similar to a Super Bowl party, but instead of watching the Super Bowl, we won’t! We will have food, games, the works. Be there!

Thank You’s

Thank you, Mike Kirk3 and Dan Smittkamp, for reading the scripture on Sunday mornings.
Thank you, Jamilee Kent and Austin Kirk and Taylor Cooper, for serving us our coffee.
Thank you, Peg Dixon and Theresa Emerson, for providing us with delicious treats for Sunday School.

John Snidle, FCC Youth Pastor
February 3, 2021

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