Youth Ministry News

Important God’s Gang/Crossroads Announcement: We are, henceforward, picking your younglings up from school on the church bus, starting the program at 3:30, and we are now ending at 5:30. So please be here at 5:30 for pickup instead of 6!

This is a PSA for anyone from Jr High to adults; Wabash Valley Right to Life is hosting a pro-life apologetics workshop for free on Saturday, March 13th. It is a half-day workshop that equips you to speak more confidently and graciously to the most pressing issue of our time: abortion.

Riley and I attended last year’s workshop; we enjoyed it very much and learned a great deal from it. I am promoting it to the youth group and their parents, and anyone else is invited to join also. Register at or call Kay Mitchell at 812-240-4212.

Youth Group / Crossroads / God’s Gang

Youth Group is every Sunday from 6-8 in the church basement. We are currently going through each book of the Bible and learning all the vital facts.

God’s Gang and Crossroads are still here of course! This semester, out theme is Travel; we will learn about different and exciting places across the world and how our God makes beautiful places. We may have already started, but you can still sign up your little person either at the church or during drop-off on Wednesday afternoon.

Upcoming Events

March 28th will be our annual multi-media event, known as “The Grannies”! This is when everyone, either in a group or alone, can make a short video that is about anything appropriate. We will watch them all together, laugh at one another, and assign awards to the best actress, worst actor, cheesiest line, etc. To everyone participating, start working on your videos now!

Thank You’s

Thank you, Taylor Cooper, for serving us our coffee.
Thank you, Cathy Melendez, for providing us with delicious treats for Sunday School.

John Snidle, FCC Youth Pastor
March 3 2021

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