Video Gathering for Prayer and Fellowship

On Sunday morning, March 29th Rev. Mark and elder Kim Woods will host a video gathering with prayer, hymns and communion. Participants will be invited to share prayer concerns. There will also be time for fellowship at the end for those who want to check in with each other.

This gathering will take place at 9:30am via the Zoom Meeting app, but you don’t need the app to participate. In fact, you don’t even need a computer. You can dial in to the gathering with a phone (you won’t see any video) or you can use a smart phone, tablet or computer with or without a camera for the full video experience. This gathering will NOT be streamed to our church website. It will take place live through Zoom at 9:30 am Sunday, March 29th.

Everyone is invited to participate. If you are interested please email Rev. Mark Parkinson by clicking HERE. He will send you instructions and an invitation code that you will need to get online. Please pass the word on to your friends.

If you would like some information on how Zoom works, click HERE to view a short informational video.