This Year Will Be Different

Sunday, December 1, 2019
by Candi Milam

It happens every year; Christmas time is upon us. We have our lists to complete, decorating to be done, and planning family activities to finish. Every year I think, “This year I am putting the Advent season foremost during the Christmas time.” However, every year the hustle and bustle of the season pushes it to the back-burner. The Advent season can be so much more than just the “pre-Christmas” season. With the theme in mind, “Stepping Out, Stepping Up, and Stepping Forward,” it is time to apply it to this year’s Advent season.

To start, “Step Out” of your “norm” this year. It is time to not worry about the lists, not fuss about the decorating, and “go with the flow” in planning activities. We need to put the true reason for the season first, which was the Savior, Who was brought forth for the world – for all of us. This Advent season should be about the peacefulness; slowing down and paying attention, and listening to the divine readings of this season.

By “Stepping Up” and putting the Advent season first, some may awaken the darkness felt inside them and around them in this world. We must use this time for spiritual honesty with ourselves and embrace the true Light of the World. Focusing not on the glittery bows and bulbs of Christmas, we find a new comforting Presence in our life.

As we “Step Forward” during the Advent season, no one needs to have the right words or actions. You only need to love God and remember – by believing you are saved. By putting Him first, we will find the hope and promise of peace during this time and continuing on in our lives.

In this Advent season, it is a time to risk making changes, to move forward, and to find our way back to God. Let us look ahead and open our heart completely as we begin.