Then He Smiled at Me . . .

Thursday, December 12, 2019
by J.C. Foley

This year’s theme brings to mind a favorite Christmas song: The Little Drummer Boy. “Stepping up and stepping out” may be difficult for some, as they don’t feel they have the needed gifts to give for their church and community. Although fictional, this sweet song is a lesson to us.

The little drummer boy thought he had “no gifts to bring” to the Lord of All. So, he brought to the baby Jesus the only thing of value he had, and the most precious gift of all – himself and his God-given talent. His gift was more pleasing to Jesus than all the gold, frankincense, and myrrh presented by the wise men, and the babe in the manger “smiled at him”. What an unimaginably glorious thing, to have the Son of God smile upon you.

With his drum, our little drummer boy stepped up, stepped out, and gave it his best shot. He gave freely of himself, and Jesus smiled at him. We all have gifts from God to share, we need only to step up and step out.

Will you? Will He? When you do, He’ll smile at you too.