Sunday Worship Services To Be Live Streamed

If you received last night’s auto call you are aware that beginning this Sunday, April 19th, FCC will be live streaming worship services to YouTube. A “live stream” is like a live TV program, like the evening news.  That means that in addition to broadcasting the Sunday services to 91.1FM, we will also be video taping the service and sending it out live to the FCC YouTube channel. [as of May 10th we will no longer be offering the FM service]. So, now you have two options for worship,  you can view the live video at 9am or you can go to the FCC YouTube channel and view the worship video at a time convenient for you. The video can be viewed on a computer, tablet, smart phone or smart TV with an internet connection. At this time, we will not be streaming live to Facebook.

A link to the live video stream is located on the FCC homepage under the photo slideshow. Clicking on the link will take you to the FCC YouTube channel. Once there you will need to click on the video listed as “LIVE.” When the service is over the video will be recorded to YouTube and you will be able to access it at your leisure. To access a list of former sermons and worship videos, hover or click on the “Sermons” menu on any FCC web page.

For your convenience, here is the full URL for the FCC YouTube channel that can be copied and shared: .

Additionally, starting yesterday, Cheryl is creating a digital abbreviated version of the weekly Messenger newsletter. This is an online only version that will not be mailed or emailed from the church. Look for it Friday afternoons by clicking on the “Messenger” menu or HERE.