Senior Minister Search Committee Thanks

On Sunday, January 16, 2022, the membership of First Christian Church Paris gathered in a Congregational Meeting to extend an invitation to Rev. Wilmer “Reece” Jones to serve as our senior minister. Rev. Jones accepted the invitation. Below is the final report of the Search Committee.

We are reaching out again as the (former) Senior Minister Search Committee, this time with a message of thanks. Sunday morning was a joyous occasion. All of us on the committee appreciate the nice comments and words of appreciation; but we did not go through this process alone. Anyone who prayed, encouraged, welcomed, baked, cooked, organized, visited, consulted, hosted, or showed up along the way in any form has had ownership in this process. Most importantly, we know that God has been with us. He always is, but with so many earnest prayers, we believe that whatever has come to pass and whatever lies on the path ahead is in harmony with his will and his great plan for us.

No process is flawless. Every relationship takes hard work and understanding. While our work as a committee is done, each of us – like each of you – is a part of making this transition work going forward.

It seems surreal to say that this is the final update for the search committee, but what a great thing to be able to say. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

The FCC Senior Minister Search Committee – Candi, Daniel, Donna, Nels, Pete, Steve, and Troy