Sunday, May 20, is Pentecost!  Pentecost is fifty days after and celebrated on the seventh Sunday following Easter. The root word “pente” means five, and was eventually expanded to be “pentecost” – the 50th day. It was originally the Jewish Feast of Weeks, a harvest festival that was celebrated 50 days after Passover. For Christians it has become a holy day, because of the sending of the Holy Spirit to believers as recorded in Acts 2. In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit was given only temporarily; now the Holy Spirit is available and involved permanently. Various names are given to the Spirit of God, including the Comforter, the Counselor, and the Holy Ghost.

Some church traditions know Pentecost as “Whitsunday” or White Sunday because of an early practice of baptizing on Sunday with white robes.

Pentecost is commonly known as the “birthday of the Church.” The universal color of Pentecost is red! Traditionally, some people give gifts (birthday gifts) to the church, as well as celebrating membership in the church.

It is a time to remember what God did in the first century, and to commit ourselves to let God use us in this century. Come join us this Sunday for Pentecost, and you are invited to wear red!