Parent Resource Center

From the Desk of Pastor John ~ 

I have spent a lot of time coming up with a new resource, specifically tutored for parents. I call it the “Parent Resource Center” and it’s just outside the office. There are posters, pictures, and other announcements that parents would like to learn about.

There are also two paper holders up; the smaller, hanging on the board, has phase guides in it. These are trifolds that give parents a short and sweet look into what’s changing at every age from new baby through graduation. Feel free to look at these and make copies, but please do not take them home with you!

The larger wall hanging to the left of the board has brochures and pamphlets about many local opportunities to make parenting easier on you and your wallet, and these are for you to take home.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know as I would be delighted to hear your thoughts!

Youth Group / Crossroads / God’s Gang

Youth Group is on! Every Sunday from 6-8; be there! We are talking about how to make sure we are spiritually healthy.

God’s Gang and Crossroads is still going strong on our fifth week! It’s never too late to sign up, registration papers are still in front of the office or on the church website.

Upcoming Events

The Coffee Bar is every Sunday from 9-10. We have no shortage of youth to work behind the table and serve us our coffee, but we are in need of people to bring treats for everyone! Please sign up at the front desk if you would like to help out.

Our next upcoming event is a new event we’re trying called “SYP” or Service Youth Projects. We will meet together church members houses and serve anyway we can! This will be on October 24th. If you have anything that you would like help with from the youth group, let Pastor John know!

Thank You’s

Thank you, Tony Peel and Taylor Shewey, for reading the scripture on Sunday mornings.

Thank you, everyone who helped run the Build Your Own Scarecrow crafting event; the youth group enjoyed it very much.

John Snidle, FCC Youth Pastor
October 14, 2020

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