Outside My Comfort Zone

Thursday, December 19, 2019
by Donna Garver

The Bible tells us that our greatest need is a relationship with God, and that begins with an introduction – I remember my first introduction to Jesus was as a child. As I grew, I developed a trust and belief in Jesus that led to a relationship with God. Before I knew it, my introduction to Jesus had turned into faith, a faith that has now grown stronger throughout my life.

Today it is this faith that allows me to step outside my comfort zone… and sometimes I amaze myself with an end result that is beyond the “me within my comfort zone” – but never beyond my faith and trust in God. So when I ask that HIS will, not mine, be done, some really great things do happen – outside my comfort zone. I say to you, “TRY IT – YOU WILL LIKE IT!!” And GOD’S WORK will be done – outside your comfort zone.


Dear God, I thank You for Your love and promise to each of us that through faith and trust in You all things asked for by Your Will and in Your Name are possible. Help me to live each day according to Your Will, even when outside my comfort zone. Amen.