My Christmas Wish

Monday, November 30, 2020
by Mary Mathis

It’s the very best time of the year! When the air is full of music and the shops are full of wondrous things. When smiles are on every face – except where the money has begun to disappear and there are still names on the list.

I remember my first Christmas at the Indiana Masonic Home for Children. We had an exciting evening with songs and gifts. When we were back at the girls’ cottage, I helped put the little ones to bed and was soon in bed myself. Sometime in the night, I was awakened by a chorus of voices singing Christmas songs. I was half asleep, and I was sure it was Christmas angels.  I drifted into sleep again, warm and comforted, knowing God had sent His angels, just as my Dad had sung us to sleep many evenings.

I have experienced many Christmases since then, some not so good, but all with a Christmas message of surprise and joy. I am sending all of you this Christmas wish – that you may have at least one quiet time when you can be very close to God, feeling His presence personally, realizing His many gifts to you of love and care which come all year ’round.