Meet Our New Youth Director!

Hi! My name is Faith Fox and I am the new youth director here at FCC. I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself first. I was raised in Paris, IL and have lived here a majority of my life, with some time spent in Marion, Indiana where I earned my bachelors degree in youth ministries and my masters degree in pastoral care and counseling. I have since returned to the area and am looking forward to getting started here. I am engaged to Kenny Milam and we will be getting married in March of this year. I love getting to know new people and hear their life stories, enjoying a good cup of coffee, and traveling as much as possible (mostly to warm places.)

Anyway, so far during my time here, I have started a series during youth group on Sundays about the Fruits of the Spirit. So far we have talked about love and next Sunday, we will discuss joy. I really like this series as it is very applicable and easy to understand. I believe that although these seem to be simple concepts, all of us can think of one or two ways we can love someone in our lives better or remember to have the joy of the Lord, even during the difficult trials of life. The kids seem to enjoy this series as it is very focused on discussion and application. Many of the kids have talked about how they want to implement these ideas into their relationships at school. I also hosted a Midnight Madness on January 1. We took the kids skating, played games and activities at the church, ate pizza, and did a New Year’s devotional. The New Year’s devotional focused on where the kids want to be at the end of 2022 and how they want to be different as a person and different as a Christian. They each picked a word to focus on and to keep them motivated towards that person they envision. There were 18 kids present and 4 adults at this event.

In the middle/high school Sunday School class so far, I am trying to implement devotionals and ways that the kids can engage with God in their daily lives. So far, we have done a devotional on Ecclesiastes 3 and talked about how there is a time for each season of life and how we can see those seasons in our past and how we can anticipate them in our future. It was so cool to see how the kids see God differently and uniquely.

I am looking forward to taking the kids on a winter retreat next month and hosting Youth Sunday at the end of this month. There are many exciting things in the future of this church and I am excited to be a part of it.


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