Lent comes from an old word meaning “lengthen”, or “springtime”, referring to this time of year when the days are getting longer. Lent is not found in the Bible. It is the 40 days before Easter, not including Sundays. So while it is actually 46 days prior to Easter, it is officially listed at 40 days in length.

The origin of Lent is two-sided. First, the early Christians celebrated the resurrection with a simple fast that was soon extended to a 40-hour fast. Second, it became the tradition to baptize on Easter morning, but a time of study and preparation was needed – so the days before Easter became that time. These two emphases of fasting and a time of preparation became the season of Lent.

The color of Lent is purple, to remind us of our need for repentance and forgiveness.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. In some churches the occasion is observed by making a cross on the forehead with the ashes of the palm branches from the previous year.

Lent ends with Holy Week: the last week of Jesus’ earthly life. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the celebration of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It continues with Maundy Thursday, the remembrance of the Last Supper. Then concludes with Good Friday, our remembrance of the crucifixion, and Easter, our celebration of His resurrection!

But during Lent our focus as a time of preparation and readiness, and for drawing closer to God. You are invited to join us during our worship as we do so. Our worship includes special songs, prayers, and traditions such as the symbols of the last days of Christ Jesus visualized in the wooden cross, sandals, cup, whip, crown of thorns and this year includes oil lamps – which symbolize the Lenten sermon series, “Living the Light.”

Join us for worship each Sunday at either 8:00 or 10:00 AM.