Hey, Bridges!  Thanks for being part of the “Lunch On the Lawn” – even though we had to be inside! We love seeing you, especially with your friends and your school. It’s a good time for all we hope; it’s also a lot of work for us, but you are worth it. Please hear that and know that! You – are – worth – it. That’s what God says, so we want to remind you that it’s true – with LOL, and with anything else we can do to serve and support you.

Maybe that means through a scholarship or help with a friend. Perhaps with a place of peace or someone to help sort things out. For some it could be family needs; maybe in the future a wedding; and at all times an opportunity to connect with God and find out how awesome God is! Don’t let the world’s craziness or even His people get in the way; find out for yourself who God is and get to know the One who loves you no matter what. That’s a key phrase – no matter what happens, no matter what is said, no matter what you do – or fail to do, you are still loved, still accepted, still welcomed. By God. And by us.

Of course, we are here to help. You are invited to come experience the youth activities – check out the “Groups” page or the “Calendar” page on this website – or the worship, or anything else at FCC. We promise – the doors and our hearts are open – to you.

But more than that, please know you are loved, and others are on your side because