“Hey, PHS!

      Sometimes life can be a drag; other days are different and exciting and fun – like Homecoming and LOL! But through it all, we need something to count on.

      Whether you win or lose, pass or fail, get lifted up or knocked down, you need something to make it all worthwhile.

      The world won’t tell you because it wants to take things from you. Others can’t tell you, because they don’t know it. But you do need to know what makes it all worthwhile.

      You need to know – Someone is on your side.

      You need to know – Someone is here for you.

      You need to know – Someone loves you, even when you screw up, even if you blow up, even though you feel like giving up.

And we can introduce you – if you do not yet know the God who came into the world – for you.

Whether your life is great right now or in the pits, we’d love to help, to share, to be God’s love on earth for you. Check out FCC and what’s going on – including a new Youth Pastor sometime soon. There’s a lot of love – and we want to spread it around. God gave it to us; we’d love to give even more to you.

Because – you are important, you are worth it, you are loved.