Hey Bridges!

Thank you for being part of “Lunch on the Lawn,” even though we weren’t on the lawn! We love meeting you all and getting this chance to get to know you; we appreciate your school and hope to do more with you in the future. It was a good time for all (we hope); it is a lot of work for us but you are worth it! We realize that some of you may not feel important, or useful, or loved—but surprise, YOU ARE! That’s what God says, and if He says it you know it’s true! There’s no arguing about it. It is our job to remind you of that, with LOL and in any way else that we can, so give us the chance to serve and support you.

That could be through a scholarship, help with a struggling friend, family needs, simply talking when you need a friend, and at all times being an opportunity to connect with God and find out how AWESOME He is! Don’t let the craziness of this world or the craziness of certain people get in your way; find out for yourself who God is and get to know the Father that loves you more than you’ll ever know, no matter what. We all (and I mean ALL of us!) need to be saved from the pain and torment of this world, and that’s what Jesus can and will do for us if we only ask Him. It doesn’t matter to Him what you’ve done, said, or haven’t done, you are still loved, accepted, and sought after. By God and by us.

We are here for you. Our doors are always open, so come experience our youth activities—check out the “Groups” page, the “Calendar” page, or the “YOUTH!” page on this website (or whatever else you want, we’re cool) to find something interesting and get involved. Our doors and our hearts are open to you.

Good Cheers and God Bless!

Pastor John
~FCC Youth Minister