God Is There For Us

Monday, December 21, 2020
by Robert & Phyllis Willits

Just as the sun was peering over the horizon in the eastern sky on the last day of October, I watched a squirrel hurrying across the lawn with a huge nut in his mouth. He stopped abruptly, dropped it at an exact planned spot, and dug down into the ground where he placed it for a future meal.  Meanwhile by our porch, where a few dried plants with small yellow flowers had struggled to survive through another frosty night, a small wild canary tried to get the last bit of nectar. Inside, this being Halloween, my husband and I were getting organized for “Trick-or-Treat-ers.” Since we had just purchased our house last summer, we didn’t really know how many candy treats to prepare. Our neighbor had told us that there would not be a big need as most of the children went to the “Trick-or-Treat Around the Square.” Yet, we didn’t want to turn anyone away, so we prepared extra just in case we needed them.

Later that night, with the porch light on, we hurried to open the door as the doorbell rang. My husband opened the door to see four small children and their parent. Just as he opened the door, he called out to the three children in animal costumes, “Just look at the three wild animals we have at our door!” “And one little angel,” came the voice of a little girl in her angel costume from behind the others.

How very appropriate, and how sweet! A small child was again leading all of us. Although this is only a small version of the same story that happened over 2,000 years ago for the entire world, it held the same meaning.

God was still, and always will, be helping the birds, the small animals, and the children who brighten our days. If we will avail ourselves, God is there for us.