Divine Preparation

Monday, December 16, 2019
by Greg Terry

We usually think of the Advent season as a time to prepare for the celebration of the Christ child’s birth. Let’s take a moment and think of that from a different perspective. Have you ever considered that God the Father has also made preparations too?

How can we describe God’s vision? It is eternal. What does that mean? Eternity is never-ending in the past and never-ending in the future. He is outside time as we know it, seeing the end from the beginning. God the Father, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit are in an infinitely close relationship. Each knows the other in a way that surpasses intimacy as comprehended by humans. There was a plan prepared long before it was required.

The Son of God, taking on flesh in the form of Jesus, was not a “Plan B”. God did not “react” to Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden. God had prepared a plan just for that purpose in eternity past. The Son of God would become flesh, live a life of complete holiness and become the sacrifice for sins in the past, present, and future. Jesus, the Messiah, would be fully human, yet also fully Divine. He experienced emotions and life just as we do. His ministry, as depicted in the gospels, shows that He did perform extraordinary healings and events outside of nature. God came to earth in the person of Jesus, the Christ.

I have been studying a video course, taught by N. T. Wright, on chapters 40-55 of Isaiah. The first 39 chapters of Isaiah largely deal with the punishment of the nations who do not worship the one, true God. Beginning in chapter 40, we start to see some of the blessings reserved for those who worship God. In Isaiah, chapter 40, the Bible speaks of preparing the way for God by making His path straight, the mountains low and the valleys raised to make the path flat. Professor Wright notes that the Bible adds a bit of humor in this section; we don’t want God wondering up hill and dale to get to us do we? That idea is humorous, perhaps even ludicrous, because God is a spirit, and we know that He won’t be walking a path like we do. God has come to us though, in the form of Jesus the Messiah. During the Advent season, let’s give thanks to God for His preparation of Jesus our Savior, our High Priest, and our King.