CWF Blessing Box Calendar

The Blessing Box Calendar, sponsored by the Christian Women’s Fellowship, is a way to thank God for His blessings on a daily basis for a specific month. March has usually been the month for this focus, and we are joyful be sharing the CWF Blessings Calendar online. Traditionally women have participated, but men are welcome as well. Each day of the month there will be an idea for something to thank God for and an amount to add to your “Blessings” collection. A long time ago, there were actual collection boxes given out – thus the name – but nowadays you can collect it in a jar, envelope, or however you wish. Some people treat their Blessing Box Calendar like the Advent Booklet – instead of doing it daily, they do it all at once and turn in a donation. This year, the total amount for each day comes to about $18.50. You are welcome to give any amount, just be sure to mark it “CWF BLESSING BOX.” Proceeds go to a designated CWF project. Click HERE to view, download or print the calendar. Or, click “Calendar” on the main menu and thank you for participating!