Bi-Weekly Post from Pastor John

As many of you have read and seen for yourself, we have a new means of growth and encouragement for parents of children young and old, titled the “Parent Resource Center” in front of the church office. This is packed with great information designed to encourage, inspire, and grow parents.

I do my best to pull the information from different sources and have an array of material, in order to give the best knowledge out there. With that being said, if you have any material, articles, references, etc. that you think would be useful for other parents to hear, please tell me about it! I would love any input, advice, and suggestions from all of you.

Youth Group / Crossroads / God’s Gang

Youth Group is on! Every Sunday from 6-8; be there! We are talking about how to stay spiritually healthy.

Due to most of the schools shutting down until December, and to avoid confusing, we have decided to cancel God’s Gang and Crossroads until December 2nd. This isn’t as big of a gap as it seems, since we were already not meeting November 11th due to Veterans Day and 25th due to Thanksgiving. We are only canceling November 18th. We continue to appreciate your prayers and support for God’s Gang and Crossroads.

Upcoming Events

One day this week we will be providing food for Bridges School! This requires nothing from any of you, I just enjoy sharing some of the great things that this church does and supports!

We are trying something else new in November: A Chili Supper! This is a night when the youth will get together and eat chili, hang out, play games, and so on. The plan is to meet on the 29th, at a location that is to be determined, and most everyone that comes will be asked to bring a coordinated, different style of chili. That way we will get to have a big variety of delicious chili! Cheese and crackers will of course be provided. If you have any questions or would like to cook a chili, please contact Pastor John.

Thank You’s

Thank you, Taylor Cooper and Ethan Smittkamp, for reading the scripture on Sunday mornings.

Thank you, Cathy Clawson and Faye Eitel, for providing us all with delicious treats during Sunday School.

John Snidle, FCC Youth Pastor
October 28, 2020

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