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Master of Divinity preferred; minimum of Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in religion or a related field of study; however, consideration will be given to candidates with bachelor’s degrees in other areas with appropriate preaching/ministry experience.


Minimum of three years in preaching/ministry


Total compensation package ≥ $80,000 consists of allocations for base salary, housing allowance, health insurance, mileage allowance, and retirement contributions. A regular budget for professional development and a pastoral education fund are also available.

How to Apply

We would love to hear from you!

Resumes/cover letters may be submitted via mail to:

Search Committee, First Christian Church, 201 South Main Street, Paris, Illinois  61944,

By email to: cody.vaughn87@gmail.com,

Or by Fax to: 217-466-9165

We are a predominantly conservative congregation, affiliated with the mainline denomination but completely autonomous in our beliefs, practices, and daily activities.

The Mission Statement of First Christian Church is to grow Disciples who are “Believing in Christ, Behaving as Christ, Becoming like Christ.” The vision of this church is to lead people to faith and commitment to Jesus Christ and the Christian Life, to serve the community and world in which we live, and to work as one with all other Christians to bring about the Kingdom of God.

After twenty-seven years of ministry, our Senior Minister retired in 2018 with the blessings of the congregation. Following an interim period of prayer and preparation, a new senior minister was hired in May of 2020. After a mutual separation agreement, our search for a senior minister has resumed. During these times of transition, our unity, faith in God, and ministry to those in our church family and community has in no way faltered.

Paris, Illinois, is a primarily agriculture-based community of 8,900 which has enjoyed notable economic growth in recent years. First Christian Church is a very active and community-oriented church that hopes to continue to grow even more in the coming years. We are a close, loving, welcoming, and family-oriented church. We take deep pride in being heavily-involved in our community and are very dedicated to extending the Body of Christ beyond our church doors.

The successful candidate must be one who loves God, loves the Church, and loves people; one who is willing and able to be involved in all aspects of church and community activities, to work in partnership with our Youth Minister, and to lead while emphasizing delegation and teamwork. We seek a minister who is energetic, growth-minded, open to new ideas, and who puts a personal relationship with Christ above all else.

Our average attendance is 160. We share communion weekly and baptize by immersion. We are dedicated to the tenets of the Stone-Campbell Movement. We are unified in our belief in the authority and reliability of Scripture and that Jesus is the only means to salvation. We hold sacred the freedom of the individual to search the nature of God and the meaning of his Holy Word through individual study and prayer. We believe that ALL are welcome and essential in the Body of Christ and that we are most like Christ when we follow His two Great Commandments.

We will pray for you in your search; we earnestly solicit your prayers for us in ours.

Yours in Christ,

The FCC Permanent Minister Search Committee



First Christian Church
Paris, Illinois

Job Summary

The Senior Minister will work with the General Board and lay leaders to develop an overall vision and direction for the congregation, providing spiritual guidance and administrative leadership.


The Senior Minister will work with the recognized committee teams, providing leadership, generating and encouraging new ideas, and acting as a resource to help the teams achieve their goals and duties.

    • Serve as head of staff for ministerial and support staff; lead weekly staff meetings, work with staff members to set goals, providing feedback, encouragement and discipline, as needed; monitor staff-related expenses and budgets, where applicable.

    • Preach and lead worship weekly; prepare and deliver Biblically sound, thoroughly researched and well-prepared sermons; coordinate with the Elders to schedule worship participation; provide resources and encouragement to the Worship Committee, and other committees as needed, to plan and execute seasonal worship themes; lead in special worship occasions, such as dedications, welcoming new members, baptisms, and so forth.

    • Provide leadership and guidance for and to the General Board; work with lay leaders to set agendas and guide discussions with committees, plus, provide guidance and materials to lay leaders in the training and expectations of their committee.

    • Encourage and contribute to the ministry of the Elders; attend fellowship and education opportunities; support the Elders’ weekly participation in worship; provide opportunities for feedback and discussion.

    • Provide insight and objectives to the Stewardship and Finance Committee; serve as a liaison between the Finance team and the staff; participate in the budgeting process, supporting the various committees as they make decisions about the First Christian Church’s financial resources and future objectives.

    • Represent the church within the community, taking an active interest in community functions; reside within the Paris community.

As part of the Ministerial Staff Team, the Senior Minister will participate in the total ministry of the church, sharing in responsibilities, that include:  following up with guests and  prospective members; hospital visitation; pastoral care and counseling; teaching in Adult Sunday School and other educational church venues: performing funerals and weddings; and doing other duties as requested and appropriate.


    • Trust and Integrity:  Is a person of deep and vibrant faith; is regarded as dependable; is considered trustworthy; is committed to being fiscally responsible; honors confidentiality.
    • Interpersonal Relationships:  Relates well to all ages of people; builds relationships with all members of the congregation; is regarded as a team player; is considered personable and approachable; is open to new ideas.
    • Communication:  Is an excellent communicator across a variety of mediums; is technologically adept and can use it to communicate effectively; can articulate thoughts and ideas clearly; is comfortable speaking in front of groups, large or small.
    • Team Player:  Possesses a collaborative spirit; works well with other staff, ministry team members, and congregation; desires to serve rather than being served; equips lay people to become leaders; is willing to help out wherever is needed; works well under pressure; is open to feedback and evaluation.
    • Organizing:  Can gather and organize resources (people, funding, material, support) to get things done; can orchestrate multiple activities to accomplish goals; can use resources efficiently and effectively; meets deadlines.
    • Desire to grow:  Is a self-motivator; focuses on continuing education and selfimprovement efforts; pursues an active and spiritual life; takes self-care seriously.

Shall perform such other duties and functions as may be directed, or requested, by the General Board and or the Staff Relations Committee.

The above listed Essential Functions and Core Competencies are not meant to be all inclusive and may be altered from time to time.


The Senior Minister must be accountable to God, as well as to the First Christian Church General Board, the Elders, and ultimately to the congregation for successful completion of the duties and expectations.



First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Paris began on March 19, 1855, when the Reverend John New of Indianapolis was called to hold a meeting. Several residents of Paris were moved to begin a church organization “for the worship of Almighty God, constituted upon the foundation of the prophets and apostles, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, and to be governed by the living word of the living God.” Original meetings were held in local churches, including the Baptist Church and the old Presbyterian Church, until First Christian was able to build its own. First Christian Church had used the old Presbyterian structure on Washington Street for 10 years before they built a new one in 1866.  The cornerstone for the current Bedford stone structure was laid in 1895 and construction was completed after two years with the dedication ceremony held on February 13, 1898. The church building has grown over the years to its present building size with the additions of an elevator and covered side entry on Washington Street. The sanctuary, choir loft, and classrooms have been renovated over the years and now includes an inner parlor used for meetings, relaxing, and even small weddings. The basement, unfinished for many years, has been renovated to hold the kitchen, Fellowship Hall, classrooms and storage closets. Recently the congregation has acquired several lots to the north that will allow for more parking and a future activities building. These plans are still in the beginning stages.


Median Home Cost = $75,000
Cost of Living Index = 69.4 (100 being the national average)
source:  bestplaces.net

Learn about our great community at www.parisillinois.org!