A Post From Pastor John

Don’t forget about our newest source of encouragement to parents, the “Parent Resource Center”. If you have any material, articles, references, etc. that you think would be useful for other parents to hear, please tell me about it! I would love any input, advice, and suggestions from all of you.

Youth Group / Crossroads / God’s Gang

Youth Group is normally every Sunday from 6-8 at the church. But this Sunday we are having our special event! Read below for more information.

We have cancelled God’s Gang and Crossroads for most of November, which is terribly sad, I know. But fear not, because we are meeting up again as normal on December 2nd! We only have two weeks of planned meetings left, December 2nd and 9th, which means you certainly don’t want to miss any more! Bring your K-5th graders from 4-6 pm and we’ll all have a great time!

Upcoming Events

This Sunday, November 29th, is our first Chili Supper! This is a night when the youth will get together and eat chili, hang out, play games, and so on. We will be meeting at Pastor Jamie’s house at 6pm; park in the Sav-a-lot parking lot and cross the street over to his house. Cheese and crackers will of course be provided, as well as a non-chili soup for anyone who doesn’t like chili. If you are not cooking a chili, please bring a two liter of soda!

We will be taking lunch to Bridges school once again on December 4th. This is something we have the pleasure of doing about once a month. Please continue praying for all the students and teachers at Bridges; they could all use it I’m sure.

Thank You’s

Thank you, Lily Smittkamp and , for reading the scripture on Sunday mornings.

Thank you, Mary Helen Hamilton and Janie Smittkamp, for providing us all with delicious treats during Sunday School.

John Snidle, FCC Youth Pastor
November 25, 2020

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