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First, thank you. We appreciate your support of FCC through your involvement and giving. And we invite you to develop that giving. If you are aware, you know there’s a lot of darkness in our world. As Christians, we are to counteract that darkness with God’s light. And we can, since “Giving Allows God’s Light …

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This coming Sunday we will promote our Week of Compassion Offering. It is used to provide immediate financial aid to those stricken by disastrous events (tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc.) in the U.S. as well as beyond. By giving now, we know that when troubles come, the Church will be there. It’s a way for us …

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The Pentecost Offering is one of the six Special Offerings we support each year. This offering helps plant, support, and develop new churches. The theme this year is, “A Second Wind,” as we seek the vitality of the Holy Spirit to continue our witness for God both locally and around the country. The FCC goal …

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