Santa Drives a 1995 Astro Van

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
by Cody Vaughn

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” ~ Hebrews 11:1


Growing up, my parents always taught me to think for myself and come to my own conclusions instead of just letting someone tell me what I should or shouldn’t believe. Naturally, when it came to Santa, I had some questions at a very early age. For instance, the lore of Santa Claus always had him entering your house through a chimney. My house didn’t have a chimney; thus, I was forced to deduce that Santa would only be able to sneak in to my house through the crawlspace and come up through one of our floor vents. That didn’t seem physically possible, given how many cookies he ate on a regular basis! Nevertheless, I kept my questions to myself.

One day, during the holiday season of 1996, I was helping my mom carry in groceries from her van when I noticed a black trash bag in the back seat. Not knowing what it was, I opened the trash bag and there, among other Christmas presents, was the shiny cardboard box for a brand new Nintendo 64. I was so excited because this was exactly what I had wanted, but I knew I needed to contain that excitement until Christmas.

When Christmas morning arrived, I woke up very excited to open my new game system, but when I reached the Christmas tree, my heart skipped a beat. My Nintendo 64 was under the tree with a note, “To Cody, From Santa.” Aside from the fact that the writing bore a striking resemblance to my dad’s neat D’Nealian handwriting, I was confused by the situation. Santa was supposed to deliver the gifts in the back of his reindeer-driven sleigh, not the back of my mom’s 1995 Chevy Astro. But alas, my logic kicked in and I realized what was going on.

You see, what I would realize later in life is that, if you really wanted to see Santa, you needed to look at the actions of those giving of themselves during the holiday season. People volunteering to donate toys or deliver meals to those less fortunate, parents working overtime to afford those nice Christmas gifts for their children, or maybe even that person who sends a Christmas card to someone, knowing that they don’t have the luxury of spending Christmas with their family. By giving of yourself during the holiday season, I promise, your belief in Santa will be stronger than ever and your faith in God can be deeper than before.


TODAY: Pray for someone you know who is well-established in their career.