From External To Internal To Eternal

Christmas Day 2017
by Rev. Michael C. Dixon

“I am for peace… they are for war!” ~ Psalm 120:7

I know there will always be wars. And so, there will always be a need for peace, and therefore, peace-making efforts. But the reality is,

“Peace begins not at a Middle East table,
but in a Middle East stable.”

I wish for world peace. I want peace in our country. I hope for peace in our State. And I seek peace in our families, in our individual lives – and in our Christmas. Yet I know the reality that,

Peace is not known in running around,
but only when Christ is eventually found.

It’s a choice we make. If we choose the world’s perspective and practices, there will be pressures and even pandemonium. But when we choose Christ, for the first time or the 100,000th time, we can experience a peace that goes beyond the externals to an internal center that allows us to function in the midst of the… you know, pandemonium! That’s why we can also say,

There isn’t much peace when the season starts;
it only comes with Christ in our hearts.

So, choose Christ – again. Make room for Him in your Christmas, in your daily life, and of course in your heart.
Then you will know the peace that goes from External to Internal…to Eternal.


“And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which you were called….” ~ Colossians 3:15


TODAY: Pray for those you’ll get to give to over the holiday and praise the One Who gave Himself to you!