From Dreading To Becoming

Christmas Day 2018
by Rev. Mike Dixon

“And we all… beholding… the Lord, are being changed into his likeness….” ~ 2 Corinthians 3:18

Sometimes I love it – when I initiate it; usually I dread it – when Peg or others promote it. Change is hard for some of us, because we like the familiar and the comfortable.

And I had to go through this at Christmas. We would always go visit family, and we still do, but we would always have the kids come to our house after. It didn’t matter what day it was, only that we were together with our traditions and gifts.

A few years ago that changed. When the travel and giving became too much and needed to be spread out that left Peg and I at home – alone – with our gifts…. I’ll just say I was not looking forward to it!?!? But, Peg helped us make it a very precious time, just between us, that I’ve now adjusted to. Yet it has been a process.

For I really wanted to go back instead of moving forward. I truly would have kept things the same and not faced the change.

But at times we must. And we need to go through it the best way we can – not kicking or screaming, not dragging our heels, not hiding out or running away – but moving ahead while adjusting to the newness, accepting the things that don’t work smoothly at first, anticipating the good that will come. And honestly, it’s a process.

We each go through this personally in some way. And now, we will go through it as FCC. In addition to what we say to each other, I hope you hear God say, “I will lead you on – even in the midst of change – so that you become like Christ.” After all, it is a process.

Lord God, we cling to You, asking You to help us, use us, forgive us, lead us through the changes, so we are more like You. In Jesus, Amen.


TODAY: Pray for a new Christian, an ongoing Christian and a not-yet Christian who you see or think of or will be with this holiday.