First Christian Church Congregational Change

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Each of us is about to find out “How We Move Forward in the Midst of Change” as we go from being comfortable with current worship services, Sunday School classes, Bible Study, Men and Women groups, Community Service projects and on and on that we’ve done under the strong leadership of Rev. Mike and Peg Dixon over the past 27 years through a major change into the unknown. How we move forward will not only impact each of us individually, but also as the FCC family and religious leaders of our community. The impact on the future can be more of a major factor than we know at this time. How can we be sure we make the right decisions? We PRAY and ask God for direction to lead us and help us as we transition into the next step in the life of First Christian Church.

To begin the process, we need to say “Thank You” to Rev. Mike and Peg for all the wonderful things you have brought to, given, and been a part of in FCC over the past 27 years. God did bless us with your presence and leadership, the sharing of your family as the girls grew up with us, and so much more. So we prepare to send you into YOUR CHANGE by wishing you the best, as we begin OUR CHANGE in searching for new leadership, by preparing our hearts and minds to accept and support new leadership and ideas. This can only be accomplished if we allow God to work through each of us, and by each one of us being an active part of our future with the willingness to move forward in peace and love. It may be a balance of some old and new, but the one constant is that God is unchanged. He has always been with us and always will be with us as long as we ask and are willing to receive.

Many are watching to see how First Christian Church makes it through this change. If each one of us do our part as God’s children now, then in years to come, those watching will see God’s will accomplished at FCC again, just as it was 27 years ago. By trusting, obeying, and believing in God, we’ll see that the change is good.

To Rev. Mike and Peg – we love you, we will miss you; best wishes and God’s blessings always!

Dear God, We Thank You for the past 27 years with Rev. Mike and Peg. We ask that You be with them and help them as they go through this change. Let them have peace, joy and lots of good memories as they reflect on their FCC family life and all the love they received. We also pray for all the needs facing the FCC family, as we say both “goodbye” to the past and “hello” to the future. We trust You and know You will help us now as You have in the past. Thank You for Your love, Your acceptance of us, and for forgiving us when we sin. This is prayed in the name of Jesus, Amen.


TODAY: Pray for a family you know with a new baby.