Find Calmness This Season

Thursday, December 7, 2017
by Malloree Shewey and Cindy Mathis

During this hectic time of year, we just need some calm in our lives. I remember on Christmas my mom told us that we wouldn’t be getting but a couple of presents under the tree and our stockings wouldn’t necessarily be full. This was because she and my dad decided we would spend the extra money on a three-day trip to the woods, not Disney World or some other expensive place. We would spend the three days after Christmas at Camp Walter Scott in one of the family cabins. That year, under the tree, we found a new pair of pajamas and a couple other gifts. Even Grandma Mary got a new pair because she also went with us.

Mom had everything ready to go, complete with all the meals. I remember having chili the first night, along with snacks and hot drinks for later while playing games and watching a movie. On Saturday, we went walking through the woods and enjoying nature, playing more games, watching another movie, and just relaxing with a book. It was a quiet and calming time, full of love and joy; time to reflect on the true reason for the season, and a special time with family and our Father in heaven.


Heavenly Father, we thank You so much for this special season and ask that You not only guide and direct us, but help us to find that needed calmness so that we might reflect more on You and Your Son. Amen.


TODAY: Pray for someone by name who has been in the hospital recently.