Decorating the Tree

Friday, December 15, 2017
by Rick Kennedy

When Leslie and I were first married, and even when our girls were young, no matter how busy we were with work, shopping, or family and friends, we took the time to go and buy a live tree.

The walk through Farnham’s Tree Farm was family time we always enjoyed. We would search and find that special, perfect tree. After cutting it down, we would take it up to have it wrapped and then tied to our car.

After the trip home, we would recut the base to fit our tree stand and then take it into the house. The tree would be placed, turned around and around to get the best view out from the wall.

The first item on the tree was our old Christmas Angel topper to point the way to heaven, to always remind us of our Savior, who came from heaven for us all.

We still feel that special feeling each year, no matter how old we get. Our tree is now out of a box and is pre-lit. Decorating our tree still helps us remember the reason for the season.


TODAY: Pray for a letter carrier by name.