Changing Times

Saturday, December 8, 2018
by Cathy Melendez

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Times they are a-changing”? People say it all the time. But what happens when someone is suddenly faced with an actual change in their lives? Especially a big change that directly affects them, how do they respond? How do they move forward? How many turn to God for help or guidance?

I had a close friend that had a huge change in her life, very suddenly during the Advent season. She was raised in the church, but since she was a teenager she hadn’t gone. Prior to this incident I had tried to get her to come back with me, inviting her to special events like a concert or cantata. Nothing worked. She always had an excuse not to go. Now, suddenly, she was lost. Everything she knew and cared about was gone. She needed to start over and had no idea where to begin. Once again, I asked her to attend church with me, or let me pray with her. Her first response was, “No, thank you.” I didn’t stop talking, I wasn’t taking no for answer this time. I got out my Bible and found a scripture to help her. She actually listened this time. Before long she asked me to help her find other scriptures and a way to get help. She thought maybe she’d “try church again.” She showed up the next Sunday on her own.

She taught me a good lesson. God never gives up on us; why should we give up on friends or family? Do you need to know how to get through changing times? The answer is right in the Bible. Never give up; never quit praying and looking for an answer. God will help you through everything, if we give Him the chance. Yes, “times they are a-changing,” but God never changes.


God, Help us all to remember no matter what happens or changes in our lives, You will always be there to guide us through, if only we ask. In Your name we pray, Amen.


TODAY: Pray for any attender in our FCC worship.