Aging Is Not So Bad

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
by Peggy Barath

Aging is not as bad as one thinks… if you are still reasonably healthy. You are just slowing down somewhat, taking things easier, and not stressing out as much… most of the time at least.

For me, the holidays have become less stressful – no more hiding presents away (and sometimes forgetting where you hid them!!), no more rushing out at the last minute to find something you forgot or to find something else to make stocking stuffers come out even. (If you just had one kid, well, lucky you!) No more staying up late until the kids are asleep so you can get presents wrapped and under the tree, then fill the stockings. No more worrying about getting the meat (turkey, ham, whatever) and getting it prepared, plus the sides and desserts. No more long list of names to send Christmas cards to, and wondering, “Well, did they send us one last year?” NO MORE PANDEMONIUM!

Now, I just browse the catalogs, or the internet, pick out presents and with one click – send them on their way! (or have them sent to me… and sometimes already wrapped!) Or easier, just pick up a the pen and write a check! And it’s so easy to email, or Facebook your Christmas greetings! Just a few clicks! And you can either have the family come to your house, and they cook or you go to their house, and they still cook! I just sit back, enjoy, and stuff myself! (Oh, I still make the “token” cookies or pie… but that’s all!)
Ah, the PEACE! Yes, aging is not so bad!


“You, however, will go to your ancestors in peace and be buried at a good old age.” ~ Genesis 15:15


TODAY: Pray for someone with an older parent to care for or worry about by name.